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Monitor Stolen Devices

eftir Jón Ólafsson


Interesting news this week when the story of the stolen Macbook hit the media over the last weekend but you can read about it here

Most of the media reporters seem to think that this is a Macbook/Apple feature but the user did track his Macbook with software called Hidden. Hidden is a great software that it cost only $15 per year for one computer and up to $395 for 100 devices.

Prey is open source meaning its free but I have been using Prey for some time and I can safely say that Prey will do the same think as Hidden does. With Prey Free you can monitor up to three devices and my “plan” is to do that and if any of my computers are stolen I would upgrade to Prey Pro… Check out Prey Pro and by choosing subscriptions you can support up to 500 devices and the price ranges from $5 and up to $399 per month…

Prey supports: Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Linux (all distributions) and Android


From Their website:
Prey lets you keep track of your phone or laptop at all times, and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. It’s lightweight, open source software, and free for anyone to use. And it just works.

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