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SharePoint 2010 access with Office for Mac 2011

eftir Jón Ólafsson

I have one Mac user who recently updated this Office 2008 to Office for Mac 2011 and after that he could not open Office documents stored on SharePoint 2010 server.

I have a big iMac on my desktop @Work that I use as a mirror because as some of you know, I hate how useless Apple computers are for work. But having this useless Mac gave me an opportunity to test the Office for Mac 2011 vs. SharePoint 2011 “problem” and after some trials and errors I found out a “solution” to this “problem”.

From my point of view I think this is because of apple limitation to transparently handle and thereby authorizing users to secure networks (To Active Directory Domains).


  1. Close Safari/Firefox  and all Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook > Computer reboot would be better))
  2. Open Safari and browse to your SharePoint site
  3. Log on per this instruction
    Domain\UserName                         ( don’t use [email protected] )
         Your password
    Save in Keychain
  4.  On SharePoint click on any Word Document and select always allow when Words want to access info from KeyChain…


That’s it !!!!  now you should be able to access, edit and upload documents onto your SharePoint server…

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