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Install Visio 2010 Standard

eftir Jón Ólafsson

I downloaded Visio (Premium/Standard/Pro) installer from my VLS webpage and when I tried to install it defaults to Premium no matter what I did but after a bit of research I found the info needed here.

In short:

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Browse to install folder
  • Run:   setup.exe /admin
  • Under Licensing and user interface put in the Standard KMS key : 767HD-QGMWX-8QTDB-9G3R2-KHFGJ
  • File > Save As > and save as update in the update folder

If you run setup now you should see Standard instead of Premium.


If you have already installed Visio Premium this script should change Visio to standard

Right click > Save on desktop as OSPP.bat and run

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