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Exchange how to send as another user

eftir Jón Ólafsson


It can be useful to be able to send on behalf of other users, if you colleague goes on holiday or of you have two or more domains on your Exchange server and want to allow some/all users to send on behalf of another user/domain


These are the two methods I normally use… 

Method 1: If that’s only 1-2 users
Make a new pop email account in Outlook and send from that pop user…
        Only works in Outlook (not OWA)


Method 2: If there are more users needing to send as another user…
Make a new mailbox and configure send on behalf license is more robust and professional method.


You need two mailboxes to test this

Mailbox for [email protected]   
Mailbox for [email protected]

Give [email protected] send on behalf permissions for [email protected] via EMC


Open OWA and log in as user [email protected]
Go to Options > Settings > Mail and select always show from
Then select save (lower right corner)
Go back to mail (top right corner)

Now in OWA make a new email and click From and select other e-mail address
and select [email protected] as sender…

Once the permissions has been set in EMC this will also works in Outlook…

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