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Redirecting OWA URLs Method Two

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METHOD TWO : HTML redirect for Exchange

Many admins (myself included) that have deployed Exchange 2007/2010 like to redirect our OWA users using a simple url instead of using a long link like https://mail.company.com/owa , one of the main reason for me was the inability for some users to understand why they needed to use HTTPS instead of HTTP Smile.
I do this by making a new site in IIS called, create a binding webmail.company.com  and in that folder there is one html redirect webpage with these few lines below and one folder with company logo.

Why do I use OWA redirection ? well here are some of the reasons

  • To lazy to tell everybody the “user-friendly” url  :  https://mail.company.com/owa
  • If I change anything like switch between servers or similar I just change the link in one html page to satisfy all webmail users.
  • In some setups I have one Exchange 2010 server handling post for many domain and by making separate html host pages I can give every domain a customize greeting when they logon.
  • I have and will never put link the webmail on a corporate website for so many reasons.
  • On the redirect page I usually have a logo and contact detail for IT support

Here is a screenshot of the html file….


You can find a TXT file with this page here so you can open that up and save it as index.htm and place it in the webmail folder

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